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Emily Andre thinks social media isn’t always true to life.

The 31-year-old doctor – who has Amelia, eight and Theo, five, with husband Peter Andre – wants people to understand that what others are presenting online is not necessarily what they actually look like. life, then they should try not to. compare oneself to idealistic images.

While discussing her new book, Growing Up For Girls, she said, “I feel so passionate about social media. Without a doubt, dealing with this world is quite something.

“What I tried to convey [in the book] is something I had to learn on my own as an adult – that social media isn’t always a representation of real life. “

The mother-of-two – who was also seen as a presenter on ITV’s morning show ‘Lorraine’ offering viewers health tips – explained that people tend to only reveal the positive aspects of their lives on social media and keep their bad days quiet. .

She said: “People tend to post things they like online, not necessarily when they are having a bad day or feeling spotty.”

Emily also explained that although she didn’t experience any bullying during her teenage years, she suffered from acne which left her embarrassed and therefore was able to channel those emotions into the book.

She told Britain OK! magazine: “Both my parents are doctors, so I was very lucky to be able, growing up, to ask them questions about what you might hear in the playground, but without knowing what they meant, without feel embarrassed about it.

“As a teenager, I wasn’t bullied or harassed, but I suffered a lot from acne – I still have it now in my 30s. So I fed all of these emotions into the book, feeling very embarrassed. , when in reality – and that’s what my mom told me at the time – everyone is a lot more worried about themselves and not really paying attention to you.

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