US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg Safety Details Drives Ford Mustang Mach-E

While many Tesla fans aren’t happy with the Biden administration at the moment, it’s important to seek the good and praise it. Today we see US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg walking instead of just talking like most politicians do.

A security detail is something that is supposed to go unnoticed. Yes, you want the bad guys who would hurt the recipient to know that there is a safety detail, but you don’t want them to know all the details and give the smartest villain a chance to exploit the loopholes in the security. Thus, many security measures taken to protect VIPs are discreet and underestimated.

As much as we would like to think otherwise, even the most guarded people in the world are not perfectly protected. When George W. Bush arrived in my town in 2004, I had a friend who wore a badge, a notepad, and a cheap (but big) walkie-talkie on his belt. He was working for the location in question and not trying to sneak into a secure area, but ended up literally bumping into the President of the United States without going through any security checks. He was, of course, bombarded with questions after this happened, but if he had been a person with bad intentions, the damage would have already been done. No amount of questions or after-the-fact exams constitutes a “cancel” button with things like that.

Considering all this need for secrecy in the safety of public officials, it would be quite easy to give them a cheaper and easier to travel car. No one is going to make a big deal if Pete Buttigieg’s safety details are driving a gas car or even a big SUV. They might not even know it’s his security service, or think there was a good excuse for it.

In other words, Secretary Buttigieg didn’t have to force those around him to drive cleaner vehicles if he was a cynical politician who was just talking about the climate emergency. No one would have said a thing about keeping their security details strictly on gas. He did it not because it would look great on others or increase his green credibility, but because it was the right thing to do.

So that shows where his true beliefs are.

Biden Federal Electricity Fleet Plan

Beyond showing his true convictions, it also shows that the administration is following up on plans to make the federal fleet electric. Again, there are every excuses available for something like a security team to drive something on gas. They have to travel to different events, and the CCS charging network is woefully inadequate in many parts of the country that Secretary Buttigieg can visit, for example.

Despite the availability of excuses, they are in fact pursuing the purchase of electric vehicles for federal use. We don’t know what they’ll do when Secretary Buttigieg has to go to a place the Mach-E isn’t easy to drive (Montana, the Dakotas, parts of the western US). Maybe they’ll use a different car for those rare trips, or an employee will leave early to load it up at level 2 of a hotel.

Either way, the plan to make the federal fleet electric is being realized. Biden kept his word on this.

“He should have bought a Tesla!”

Yeah, I know, I know. I can already hear the furious sound of fingers tapping on glass and keys pressed on laptops and desktops. “The Mach-E is made by Ford, and Mike Levine was mean on Twitter, and he blocked you when you harassed him.” or “The Mach-E is not as good as a Model X or a Model Y. Just look at the numbers!” Or “The Mach-E is assembled in Mexico, and Tesla is American made by real bald eagles with guns on their hips in Texas!” You ! S! A! You ! S! A!”

I know it’s a caricature of what people think, but it’s basically what I’ve seen time and time again. You get the point (or should).

I really think we need to keep a perspective on this.

First of all, any electric vehicle is better than no electric vehicle. Whether they bought something from Ford, GM, Volkswagen or Nissan, leading by example and switching to clean energy is a good thing. It might not be your favorite brand, but it’s better than driving in a diesel pickup or Suburban V8. We cannot let the perfect be the enemy of the good here.

Second, we also need to keep the politics in mind here whether we like it or not. President Biden enjoys doing business with the automakers who play with him. The Mach-E is not made in the United States by unionized workers as it would prefer, but neither is it made by a company that has no union factories. The fact that other cars are being made here with unionized workers and Ford is willing to let him use them as props for a speech makes it much more likely that the Biden administration will do business with them. It’s like that.

There is also the issue of Elon Musk who repeatedly gives Democrats the middle finger. From COVID lockdowns in California, to comments on Twitter, to the decision to move the headquarters to Texas after the passage of controversial bills – all of it has spent some of Tesla’s political capital and has been blighted. enemies. Just because a member of the Biden administration uses a Tesla for official business doesn’t send the message he wants to send.

Keep in mind that I am not arguing for any of this. I’m just exposing the realities of the situation and trying to show why things are the way they are. Whether I agree or disagree, or whether you agree or disagree, is largely irrelevant. Things are what they are, no matter what each of us thinks.

Watch the rest of the fleet electrify

No matter what vehicles the administration purchases, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the federal fleet and see what they’re doing to electrify them. Will they continue this policy of electrification “without excuses”? Or will they deflate? It’s great that they made this particular vehicle that they could have not done, but it’s up to all of us to continue to monitor and ensure that the fleet continues to go electric.

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