Transportation Industry Veterans Launch NuVinAir West, Expanding Franchisor’s National Footprint to Eight More States – Largest Territory in NuVinAir’s History

DALLAS, March 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — NuVinAir Francewhich offers a range of exclusive products that safely and effectively create healthy vehicle interiors, today announced the company’s expansion of its industry-leading franchise program to Alaska, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washingtonand Wyoming – expanding its national franchise footprint to 29 states. NuVinAir West, co-founded by Doug Eaton and mike jensena transportation industry executive and business owner, respectively, is the company’s newest group of franchisees.

“Since launching the NuVinAir Southwest franchise group last year for Arizona and NevadaI have seen firsthand the huge demand for these exclusive products, especially among the top brands in the rental car industry,” said Eaton. “Their appetite for the products has been a massive market signal that NuVinAir is a leader in the healthy vehicle space, and my partner Mike and I are proud to be part of their franchise family. »

With a career spanning over 30 years in the industrial, medical device, chemical and automotive sectors, Doug has extensive international experience in manufacturing, quality systems and channel management. sale. For most of his career, he worked at Vantage Mobility International (VMI), a Phoenixworld leader in the manufacture of wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAV), where he rose through the ranks to become CEO and Chairman. It’s a VMI where Eaton met Jensen, regional sales manager at the time, who eventually co-owned Kersey Mobility, a Seattlesmall company based in Montreal that specializes in vehicle modifications for people with reduced mobility.

“Partnering with Doug to launch NuVinAir West, NuVinAir’s new franchise group, is a natural partnership for us as we have worked together for 20 years in the mobility space,” said Jensen. “Plus, on a personal level, I’m a big fan of the products.”

NuVinAir West has exclusive rights to the aforementioned eight states, plus the largest El Paso region in Texas, and will implement NuVinAir’s science-backed product line and healthy vehicle programs across the region. The Eaton-Jensen team will support a wide range of transportation business opportunities, including car rental companies, car dealerships, car washes, retail shops, recreational vehicles, truck fleets, mobility companies and other automotive companies.

“Over the past few years, and particularly throughout the pandemic, we have built an exclusive heavy-duty powerhouse that continues to disrupt the automotive industry,” said Kyle Bailey, CEO and Founder of NuVinAir. “From seasoned executives to new business owners and serial entrepreneurs, our franchise network offers an unprecedented growth opportunity for those who want to work with an industry leader who is at the forefront of innovation. .”

Among NuVinAir’s product offerings is its autonomy Cyclone treatment, the safest, fastest and most effective way to provide healthy and clean vehicle interiors. The Cyclone is used with ReFresh and ReStore, respectively, to freshen a vehicle’s interior, as well as eliminate extreme odors and return the vehicle to like-new condition. The company’s latest product, ReKlenz-X, is a high performance stain remover and environmentally friendly EPA approved disinfectant that kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses on vehicle surfaces. As part of its product portfolio, ReNuSurface is an eco-friendly all-in-one cleaner that replaces multiple products and saves on supply costs.

About NuVinAir Global:
Situated at dallas and founded in 2019, NuVinAir is a franchise-backed company that creates healthy vehicle interiors for the automotive industry. With cleaning innovation and patented technology, the market leader addresses rental car companies, dealerships and other automotive businesses. Products and programs are sold through its franchisees, who hold exclusive rights in their defined territories. To learn more about NuVinAir, visit and follow their blog


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