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LOS ANGELES, Calif., October 7, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) – The only known church Joe Rogan attended as an adult suddenly came under censorship after posting a Freedom video on Twitter. “Joe was at the Physical Temple twice before attending the very first service with Eddie Bravo and Kevin Booth,” said founder Craig X Rubin. “Having only 23 subscribers on YouTube, we didn’t expect to be censored. We don’t know if this has anything to do with our mention of Joe, or just a sign of the times. “

Once, 15 years ago, Temple420.org was the fastest growing religious institution in the United States, but when they were closed, no group rose up to defend their rights despite Rubin’s request for help. “I explained that if others didn’t help us, their churches would eventually be closed as well, which recently happened during the pandemic. Now it looks like Joe Rogan is one of the few voices crying out for freedom in America.

“I am proud that such a freedom leader attended my very first sermon,” Rubin concluded. “I don’t say anything that other people don’t say. However, Temple420org is censored. “I think if you can’t buy or sell without permission, that’s the biblical mark of the beast. Watching Mark Dice videos on YouTube is scary. Why are they censoring our temple?

In 2006, a longtime cannabis activist, actor, and recent Jewish convert to Christianity opened the United States’ first pro-cannabis church in the Americas, Temple 420. It has been featured in films and magazines around the world. whole. Two weeks after opening a physical location, Rubin was arrested but refused to stop practicing his religion, including selling medical cannabis. Police refused to arrest him again and the judge did not revoke his release on bail despite Temple 420 being “on the front page of the newspaper,” according to the prosecutor and the newspaper he withheld in court. court.

The owner was threatened with “Evict the temple or lose your property,” according to Rubin, known for selling bongs to Brad Pitt. He was eventually sentenced to almost 20 years for selling 3 grams of marijuana to an undercover police officer who was legally able to consume marijuana for medical purposes. “During the two weeks that we were actually legally open, our church was visited by many celebrities. “

Rubin hinted that Hollywood’s attention may have led to the church shutting down: “In the first two weeks after the A-List opened, Esai Morales attended a wedding. Doug Benson shot “Super High Me”. Eva Longoria, Ahmed Ahmed, Ron Jeremy, and other B-rated celebrities have also popped up, possibly because of our location on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Rubin spoke of the legal system: “I had to have papers at all times like now with the vaccine passports. Years in prison and probation, which in my opinion is a violation of the 8th Amendment. I wasn’t allowed to mention the Bible, the Constitution, medical marijuana, or just about anything at trial.

After receiving permission from the judge to reopen, the temple was closed within a week. All charges have been dropped; however, 2 years were added to Rubin’s probation. The city of Los Angeles seized the pastor’s savings for the second time and his location was moved to another medical marijuana club after spending 6 months fixing it.

“This time (2021) we have decided to only do a 7 week online ministry in the hope of not being arrested.” Now hemp is legal, there is less chance of it happening, Rubin continued, “Hemp marijuana / cannabis is legal in California, but now Christian values ​​are being censored. Temple 420 operations manager saw his house searched in the middle of the night under questionable circumstances We have to tell the truth or they would not attack us.

GQ magazine and others reported on the Temple before the arrest. Few media figures mentioned Temple 420 after the arrest or trial. Glenn Beck invited Craig to CNN on the day of his conviction. Alex Jones invited him to Infowars to discuss “How Weed Came West”. Mancow had the Bible teacher on his show, as did Heidi and Frank to discuss the “bust”.

Greg Gutfeld mocked the cannabis church on Fox News after the arrest. “No one watched his show back then,” Rubin said, “but I did. It hurt when he laughed at me. I met the comedian who was Gutfeld’s guest the next week. Since then, I’ve been mad at Gutfeld and always wanted to be on his show. You’d think the religious media would have covered our church, but no, only one, Brad Greenberg. No Christian station is there. ‘stretched out his hand.

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