Stevensville Moves Forward with Updated Transportation Master Plan

At its November 8 meeting, Stevensville City Council decided to hire Robert Peccia and Associates and HDR Engineering to do an update to the transportation master plan. The current plan was last updated in 2006. Mayor Brandon Dewey said this agenda item was the result of a previous council discussion regarding their frustration with the proposal. Burnt Fork Estates Subdivision.

“This is an initiative to rectify this situation,” Dewey said, “so that as future annexations and growth occur, some sort of plan will be put in place to deal with it.” . He said the update will cover all modes of transportation (walking, cycling, sidewalks, etc.). The City received only one response to the announced request for qualification, a joint proposal from HDR and RPA. Dewey said the planning board has reviewed the proposal and recommended its approval.

“We’re pretty lucky to get this type of proposal from an engineering firm,” said Paul Ludington, board member, who also sits on the planning council. “There have been a lot of changes in the region since the last plan was made… it’s more of a plan for what we can do in the future and facilitate subsequent action by the City.

Dewey said the updated transportation master plan will put the city in a better position as the infrastructure bill just passed by Congress is implemented. Realizing the plan will help demonstrate the need for certain projects and prioritize those projects, he said.

Ludington’s motion to select HDR and RPA was approved 3-0 (board member Jaime Devlin was absent).

The council also approved a contract with Central Square / Zuercher for a police department reporting software system. It would be an improved system compared to what the department has used. The Montana Board of Crime Control has offered a grant of $ 18,000 with a matching $ 1,800 to upgrade to this better system which is the same one used by the Ravalli County Sheriff’s Department and will allow better reporting of crimes. and better communication. Mayor Dewey said the annual maintenance fee is $ 1,600 plus a subscription, so the total annual cost to the city will be around $ 2,000 in the future, which will include technical support. The contract was approved unanimously.

The council also decided to go ahead with an agreement between the city and the Stevensville school district to provide a CARES police officer at the school. Mayor Dewey said this is a hybrid of the former School Resources Officer and the school has verbally agreed to partner with the city to help with the cost of this program and position . Chief Mac Sosa has prepared a contract between the school district and the city that will be retroactive to early September. The board unanimously approved the plan and the contract will now go to the school district for ratification.

The council also unanimously approved an amendment to an agreement with HDR for engineering services, adding an assessment of the condition of the water tank and the preparation of a grant application at a cost of approximately $ 253. $ 000. Dewey said they wanted to complete the assessment before applying for an American Rescue Plan Act grant to improve the water system.

The council also unanimously agreed to the appointment of Robert Rohbock as volunteer fire engineer and Landon Henderson as firefighter student.

Consent of Landen Henderson as a firefighter. Approved unanimously.

A discussion on whether to replace cedage signs with stop signs on Buck Street on the north and south sides of W, 3rd and W. 4th streets was postponed to November 23 when the citizen requesting the change could be here.

Mayor Dewey said the administration is speeding up the transition following the results of the recent municipal election, which Dewey lost. He said he had received indications from some staff members that they were planning to resign. “In light of this, there may be transition issues or delays that we will just have to deal with on a case-by-case basis… If we receive a resignation for a position, I am not inclined to replace that position in my 55 years. last days. in the office. I will basically keep that until Mr. Gibson can come in and make that selection and decide whether he wants this position replaced and who he wants this position replaced with. So if there is a change in service delivery because of these resignations, we just ask the public to be patient with us.

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