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Sheridan College has announced that it will increase the number of places available in its farrier science certificate program from eight to 12 students this spring. After the one-semester program, students are ready to work as entry-level farriers.

Depending on the college, the program is for students interested in hands-on work. Students learn to identify common foot and shoeing problems. Students practice shoeing many types of horses and forging horseshoes and tools in the Farrier’s Barn at Sheridan College.

Additionally, students are taught the importance of horse shape, function and biomechanics starting with the hoof and working your way up through the body. This knowledge is imperative when determining whether horses need corrective shoeing.

After students complete the program, they are encouraged to take the American Farrier Association Farrier Classification Exam and work with an experienced farrier to gain more experience.

Instructor Quint Gonzales is a Journeyman Farrier Certified by the American Farrier Association, the highest level of AFA certification. He has over 15 years of experience as a farrier operating in Sheridan and Johnson counties and is also involved at the local and national levels.

Gonzalez was recently a judge at the Blacksmiths National World Championship competition in Fort Worth, TX. He received his associate degree from Northwest College in agricultural business and farrier science and attended the Kentucky Horseshoeing School to further his studies as a farrier. In 2002, Gonzales graduated from KHS but remained as a teaching assistant. He also participates in numerous competitions and clinics, including the American Farrier’s Association Annual Convention, Don King Days, World Championship Blacksmiths Competition, Colorado Clinics, Montana Professional Horseshoeer’s Association events and many more. others.

To register and for more information, visit or call 307-675-0505. Spring classes at Sheridan College begin January 24, 2022.

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