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Writer Jackie Collins explains why Hollywood is the inspiration for many of his bestselling novels.

At the age of 15, Jackie Collins was kicked out of school in London and moved to America. His knowledge and experience of life in Hollywood is a constant source of inspiration for his novels, frequently depicting the lives and loves of the rich and famous.

I love Hollywood, I think it’s a fascinating city to write about.

Jackie Collins’ most commercially successful novel, ‘Hollywood Wives’ was published in 1983. Her latest novel’ Hollywood Wives: The New Generation ‘is based on her observation,

All the old women had been put out to pasture and all those 60-year-old men who were revisiting were now married to women 30 and over.

Jackie Collins sees that new brides want to have the same level of success as their spouses. “Hollywood Wives: The New Generation” exposes this trend, repeating the character of “Hollywood Wives” Montana Gray.

Jackie Collins takes pride in getting people to read and to bookstores. Although her novels are fiction, she likes to embellish her characters based on people she knows,

My readers love to play guessing games.

Hollywood brides who have read the version of themselves in Jackie Collins’ books are less than flattered by their portrayal.

They aren’t very happy, they don’t read the book, they just don’t like the title ‘Hollywood Wives’.

This episode of ‘The Late Late Show’ aired on November 9, 2001. The host is Pat Kenny.


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