Oscars 2022: Who will win – and who should?

Best Cinematography

CJ: Will Ari Wegner become the first woman to win the Oscar for cinema? Yes. Should she? Absolutely, but righting the way women have been excluded from this category is just a note of grace. Wegner’s brilliant, polished cinematography gives The Power of the Dog its scope, its realistic feel (could be Montana, but it’s actually New Zealand) and serves Jane Campion’s artistry and penchant for skewed angles, as his figures stare at the landscape or look at each other, lustfully or menacingly.

NB: Greig Fraser will win for the vast desert vistas he puts onscreen in Dune, but sometimes it feels like a cheat when there’s so much CGI mixed in. In a strong category, Janusz Kamiński should win for West Side Story, because his camera rolls through New York with all the elegance and agility of filmed dancers.

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