New on Netflix UK: December 2021

Do not seek
Netflix UK Release Date: Friday, December 24

Director Adam McKay started his career directing staple studio comedies like Presenter and Half brothers, but today he fights in more political arenas. The big court is a comedic heist film about the 2008 financial crash, and Vice tries to unlock the spirit of former Vice President Dick Cheney. In his new Netflix movie Do not seek, McKay satirizes the current apathy in politics and the media.

Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio play astronomers who discover that a huge comet is heading towards Earth. But instead of embracing the protocols of a disaster movie, no one seems interested the world is about to explode. They bring it to the President (played by Meryl Streep) and the News, but they don’t care either. What will it take for people to look up?

The lost girl
UK Netflix Release Date: Friday December 31st

After Elena Ferrante took the literary world by storm, becoming one of the most widely read and elusive authors of modern times, adaptations of her work made similar progress. The Italian series of My brilliant friend (Ferrante’s best-known work) broke that subtitled divide and became an excellent show in its own right. Cultural whisper named the second season the best series of 2020.

Today, actress Maggie Gyllenhaal makes her film debut with The lost girl, based on Ferrante’s 2006 short novel.

Olivia Colman stars as a divorced lecturer, who goes on vacation to Italy solo after her children leave. She begins to enjoy this sunny seclusion, but becomes engrossed in the life of another family. She observes the relationship between a mother and her daughter, making comparisons to her own history of raising children. Dakota Johnson, Jessie Buckley and Paul Mescal are also on the bill.

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The power of the dog
UK Netflix Release Date: Wednesday December 1st

After 12 years, legendary director Jane Campion (The piano, Portrait of a lady, Top of the lake) returns to the cinema with The power of the dog, with Benedict Cumberbatch as a poisonous male breeder in 1920s Montana.

Phil (Cumberbatch) is one of a pair of industrious siblings who oversee a significant property in the American outback. He shares it with his brother George (Jesse Plemons) who gradually falls in love with the local widow, Rose (Kirsten Dunst). Phil is a hyper-masculine bully, always inclined to curse – even towards Rose’s teenage son, Peter (Kodi Smit-McPhee). But as the movie continues, you find there’s more to Phil than it looks.

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God’s hand
UK Netflix Release Date: Wednesday December 15th

The strange and sunny fantasies of Italian filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino (The great beauty, Youth) always leaves you in some sort of drunken haze. And despite his last film God’s hand being rooted in reality – inspired by his experiences growing up in Naples – he never retains his surreal and lavish style.

Intense, funny and overwhelming character piece, the film follows an eclectic Neapolitan family in the 1980s. The shy Fabietto (Filippo Scotti), 17, watches over his family, loves his unstable aunt Patrizia (Luisa Ranieri) and loves Diego Maradona. He doesn’t know it yet, but Maradona will save his life.

Emily in Paris, season 2
UK Netflix Release Date: Wednesday, December 22

Darren Star’s ridiculous, lavish, sugar-coated comedy makes a colorful comeback. There are many reasons not to like Emilie in Paris: it’s too silly for its own good, the storylines are incredibly basic, and the main character is boring, spoiled, and offers an unrealistic and garish selection of outfits. But this series provides a much needed dose of stylish escape; it is blind guilty pleasure in the best possible way.

In the second season, Emily may navigate the wonders of Paris better, but she’s less good at relationships. She’s still in a secret love triangle between her former next-door neighbor Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) and her mega-rich best friend Camille (Camille Razat). But Emily is really trying to focus on her job, which is getting more and more weird by the day.

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A beautiful day in the neighborhood
Netflix UK release date: to be confirmed

In a world more anxious than ever, cynicism can be a standard path to take. But spend a few minutes in silence with famous children’s presenter Fred Rogers, kindly played by Tom Hanks in the Marielle Heller movie. A beautiful day in the neighborhood, and you feel those negative feelings go away.

Freely based on a 1998 Squire Article by Tom Junod, the film follows pessimistic journalist Lloyd Vogel (Matthew Rhys) as he interviews Rogers for a profile article. Through this process – understanding Rogers’ philosophy of life and meeting his puppets – Vogel takes a more optimistic outlook.

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Stay close
UK Netflix Release Date: Friday December 31st

Another TV-dominant crime writer Harlan Corben, and since signing a five-year deal with Netflix, there’s no shortage of adaptations. We have already hadThe innocent and Gone for good This year. Come now Stay close, an eight-part mystery drama following four people with dark and deep secrets. They all live lives they never wanted to have, and their haunted pasts begin to catch up with them.

James Nesbitt (Course of action), Richard Armitage (8 from the ocean), Jumbo Cushion (Dead water has fallen), Sarah Parish (Industry) and Youssef Kerkour (Gucci House) Star.

The unforgivable
UK Netflix Release Date: Friday December 10th

Sandra Bullock stars in this American film adaptation of the 2009 Sally Wainwright ITV series, dropping from unforgiven To The unforgivable. Bullock plays an ex-convict, Ruth Slater, released from prison after 20 years in prison for the murder of a police officer.

Ruth tries to redeem herself for her previous crimes, but many don’t want to forgive her. She tries to find her estranged sister, who was offered for adoption after Ruth’s arrest. But all is not catastrophic: she forms a love affair with her compatriot Blake (Jon Bernthal), with whom she works.

Money Heist, part 5, volume 2
UK Netflix Release Date: Friday December 3rd

Despite previous aversions to subtitles, we are witnessing a new era in television where audiences gobble up brilliant shows from all over the world. Prior to Lupine and Squid game, the Spanish suspense series Money theft was among the first to demonstrate this development. It is one of the most watched Netflix series of all time and now, after four years, it is drawing to a close.

In volume two of part five, a vital member of the heist died at the Bank of Spain. The other members are injured, but try to find a way to escape with the gold … without anyone noticing.

The Witcher, Season 2
UK Netflix Release Date: Friday December 17th

As the fantastic series progressed, The witcher is not exactly Game Of Thrones. But there is a lot of supernatural big-budget fun to be savored. Henry Cavill, Superman himself, plays Geralt of Riviera: a monster hunter in a realm known as “the continent”. He’s a cranky, quiet guy who doesn’t get involved in politics or world affairs unless it pays.

However, the arrival of Ciri (Freya Allen) – the Crown Princess of Cintra – binds Geralt to a reluctant fate. She has hidden powers and he must keep her safe. In season two, he takes her to her childhood home in Kaer Morhen to protect her.

The full Netflix slate in December:

Wednesday 1 December
JoJo’s bizarre adventure
Lost in space
, season 3
The power of the dog

Thursday 2 December
Single until the end

Friday December 3
Take out cotton

Monday 6 December

Tuesday December 7
Nicole Byer: BBW (Big Beautiful Weirdo)

Wednesday December 8
Carolin Kebekus: The Last Christmas Special
, season 3

Thursday December 9
Child of Asakusa

Friday December 10
Back to the Outback
How to spoil Christmas,
season 2
The Roaring Twenties
Saturday morning: all the star hits!
The unforgivable

Saturday December 11
Bad boys for life

Tuesday December 14th
Newspaper of the future

Wednesday December 15
God’s hand
Sell ​​Tampa

Thursday December 16
A Californian Christmas: the city lights
, season 4
A Christmas Naija
Puff: wonders of the reef

Friday December 17th
The witcher, season 2

Tuesday, December 21
Grumpy Christmas

Wednesday 22 december
Emilie in Paris, season 2

Friday December 24
Do not seek

Saturday 25 December
Jimmy Carr: his dark matter

Wednesday December 29
Anxious people

Thursday December 30

Friday December 31
Cobra Kai, season 4
The lost girl
strange eye
, season 6
Stay close

To confirm
A beautiful day in the neighborhood
Dallas Buyers Club
The hunger Games
, season 6

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