Mvskoke Media Amendment, Rez Dogs Renewed

“…representing the first people to walk on this continent… ”—Sterlin Harjo.

Gary Fife / Radio communications

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma – A major change has taken place for this department. In this latest election, by a margin of nearly 3 to 1, citizens of the Mvskoke Nation voted to add a press freedom amendment to the tribal constitution. It means “do not touch” when it comes to any administration or tribal council interference with our tribe’s blanket. It removes the specter of censorship from over the heads of those charged with reporting accurate and fair news of our people.

This is a heavy responsibility that our staff do not take lightly. For those who might think that there will be retaliation against those who do not agree with our decisions and directions, this will not happen. It is the thought of the Stone Age (or as I call it, the thought of “Fred Flintstone”) that only holds us back.

We will continue to work and commit to providing the best coverage of our people.

OK Enough preached.

After a quarter of a century, the installation that I called “The Museum That Would Not Die” has not worked. The First Americans Museum finally welcomed the world to view its collections and other offerings on Saturday 18. Probably one of the world’s most unique and refined art groups, offerings and exhibitions is now accessible at the public.

This museum represents the 39 tribes located here in the state of Oklahoma and many objects of contemporary life that are part of today’s native cultures. Guess I’m going to have to change the nickname I used before to something like “The Living Museum”.

No more changes in cultures today involving indigenous peoples and images. The famous ski resort known as “Sq — w Valley” has changed its name.

The word “Sq-w” had been used as a vulgar reference to the private parts of Native women. It has now been discontinued in favor of the term “Palisades Tahoe”. In mid-September, the station’s website announced the name change. But the website description never made reference to the insulting and distasteful old name. The resort is trying to build relationships with the local Washoe tribe.

A monument honoring the Californian tribes will replace the statue of the Catholic priest who led the subjugation and virtual elimination of these peoples. The statue of priest Junipero Serra (now a saint) was overturned just after the riots following the murder of George Floyd.

Native News Online reports that the California State Senate has approved the measure.

The US Census Bureau has its count of Native Americans and says, “6.79 million, which is about 2.09% of the total population: Alaska (20.32%) Oklahoma (13.19%) New Mexico (10.75%) South Dakota (10.09%) Montana (8.00%) North Dakota (6.51%) Arizona (5.31%) Wyoming (3.63%) Oregon (2.99%) Washington (2.82%).

I had wanted to speak with the US Census officials for that region, but their public information office didn’t hesitate to approve an interview, so I gave up.

An Ojibwe, Bryan Newland, from the community of Bay Mills is now “Chief of All Indians”. No I’m kidding. But, he is the new Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs at the US Department of the Interior. According to an Home Office press release, Newland says: “I am committed to engaging with tribes every step of the way and making sure they have the support and resources they need. to fully develop.

Good news continues to rain on the new Indigenous TV series. “Reservation Dogs” has been renewed for a second season. Indian Country News got a sneak peek at the latest information on the exciting new show.

The cast was also featured as a presenter at the 73rd Annual Emmy Awards. International spotlight, writer and creator, Sterlin Harjo highlighted the historic occasion. “We are here on the biggest televised night as creators and actors, proud to be Indigenous people working in Hollywood, representing the first people to walk on this continent, and we are really happy to be here,” said said Harjo during the awards ceremony.

ICT has reported, Harjo and the show’s cast, D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai (who plays Bear Smallhill), Devery Jacobs (Elora Danan), Paulina Alexis (Willie Jack) and Lane Factor (who plays the character of Cheese ), presented the award for best achievement in a limited series.

Perhaps next year the troupe will collect some of these statues themselves.

I need a vacation and I’m going to take one!

Hvtvm cerecares, I’ll see you. Sköden!

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed are those of the author and not necessarily those of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation.

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