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As a Montana teacher for 26 years, I was appalled to read that Superintendent of Public Education Elsie Arntzen was attending a parental rights conference sponsored by the Western Montana Liberty Coalition, which is dedicated to political causes. right according to their website. The lecture turned into a bashing of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and implicating that Montana schools were teaching CRT.

CRT is an advanced subject in sociology, taught in law schools and other high-level educational institutions. It offers an in-depth look at racism and all of its negative consequences. It is not taught in public schools any more than advanced physics.

How did this conference come to the idea that teaching CRT is an evil conspiracy? It wasn’t by accident. The extremist Republican propaganda machine, which is inherently racist, saw the CRT as an opportunity to fabricate another lie designed to divide people, which racism does.

I am dismayed, but not surprised, that Elsie Arntzen, an official responsible for the overall efficiency of our school system, swallows such garbage. But she obviously did. Its POLITICAL destiny depends on the perpetration of the lies that animate the extremist program: public schools teach CRT; the 2020 election was stolen; global warming is a hoax, and so on.

As an educator, I worked hard to base what I was teaching on facts and reason. These lies have no place in our public education and neither does Elsie Arntzen.

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