LETTER: Voters: Determine Who Will Stand Up For Children, Public Education | Opinion

The staff at the Idaho County Free Press do a great job with their regular stories showcasing local talent and achievement. I was especially pleased to read Lorie Palmer’s (October 6) article on former GHS student Billy Stockton who received Montana’s Teacher of the Year award. (WOW). I remember Billy well with his bright smile, his cheerful presence and his resolute demeanor. Billy cited influential GHS instructors, “learning times” for learning to think and his grounded education in Grangeville as the impetus for understanding a world of possibilities in Grangeville and beyond. It was always easy to assume that Billy would find a meaningful niche – and he did. Perfect. (PS Yay, science. Come on Griz!)

As a related topic, the upcoming Mountain View School District Board of Directors election is a timely opportunity for responsible clients to reset our community commitment to quality education in our schools. I like the term “administrator” which emphasizes trust as a password for teamwork, unified goals, open communication, and community support. There is no room or reason for continued discord or repressive notions about funding, program or personnel.

There are wonderfully qualified candidates with strong educational values, backgrounds, experience… and a lot of enthusiasm for the challenge. We can choose the best. As voters, we should educate ourselves about each candidate and determine who will be the advocate for our children and public education.

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