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Jeff Bridges says his cancer is in remission and his COVID-19 case is “in the rearview mirror.”

The actor shared the good news on his website on Monday, claiming his tumor had grown from 12 inches to the size of a marble. But in an update he said he wrote in March and was only sharing now that he was feeling better, Bridges said he and his wife, Susan Geston, had been infected with COVID-19 in January while undergoing chemotherapy.

“Covid kicked my (asterisk) (asterisk) pretty well, but I’m doubly vaccinated and feel a lot better now,” he wrote.

Bridges said Geston spent five days in the hospital, but was stuck in a hospital bed for five weeks and even “approached the Pearly Gates” at one point because his immune system had been damaged. Recovery has been difficult, he said – until recently he needed oxygen support just to walk around. But with the help of an excellent medical team, he was finally able to walk his daughter, Hayley, down the aisle and dance with her on her wedding to “wonderful guy, Justin Shane”.

Bridges, 71, posted a video of the father-daughter dance, as well as a trailer for “The Old Man,” a TV series he stars in and is an executive producer. The FX series was due to air this year, before cancer and COVID-19 got in the way. “I am delighted to be returning to work,” he wrote.

Bridges has been campaigning for mask wear and social distancing since the start of the pandemic, even making a public service video for the Montana Hospital Association, where he resides part-time, showing how far he stays away from The Dude, his character from “The Big Lebowski”.

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