Inspirational social media influencer Srijita Mitra works wonders with her content

We are all aware of the digital world we live in, in which everything is becoming available online and digitally. For businesses of all kinds, being famous only in the physical world is no longer enough. Everyone now wants to publicize their business online, and Srijita Mitra’s knowledge of social media has become a way to succeed in the digital world. Today, everyone in the world is linked to social media, but establishing a future there is not easy; Success in the digital world can only be achieved through hard work, technical knowledge and the right techniques. But Srijita Mitra has made a name for herself on social media and has achieved all her life goals.

Srijita Mitra, born in Kolkata on January 27, 1998, is the 90s kid who grew up watching and obsessed with Hannah Montana to found all the social networking sites from Facebook to Instagram. Kurchi is her nickname, which means “wild flower”. She never had a chance to escape the spotlight during her early years at Shri Shikshayatan school as the label of “all-rounder” was constantly attached to her name. Although she is top of her class and got a 17th position in the West Bengal board test for Class X, she grew up idolizing and being inspired by fashion superstars such than Rihanna. Because both of her parents were working, she spent her days from an early age experimenting with different fashion and style concepts. Srijita is also a trained classical singer who has won many competitions, school and university festivals and other events. She started performing on stage at a young age when most of her peers were terrified of performing in front of a large crowd. She received a beautiful voice from her parents, Mr. Sujoy Mitra and Mrs. Sudipta Mitra, and she enjoyed it by winning hearts with her singing wherever she went.

Dabur Vatika also bestowed upon her the title of “DIVA DIVA – Face Of Kolkata”. After all, the term “versatile” had to be used. She started studying BTech in Electronics and Communication Engineering after graduating from high school with honors and passing the engineering entrance exams. She never gave up on her goal of being a fashion influencer while in school. She joined Instagram during her freshman year in college and began posting fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content, which quickly garnered a wave of likes and comments.

This motivated her to create more content for her audience, and she was soon approached by many well-known fashion and beauty companies, including Daniel Wellington, AND, Brand Factory, Urbanic, Max Fashion, Flying Machine, Sugar Cosmetics, Bollyglow, Lulu&Sky, and others, to promote their products. She now has over 720,000 followers on Instagram and is one of the most popular fashion bloggers not only in West Bengal but also in India. Srijita also created material for Tiktok, where she developed comedic and fashion-related videos that received millions of views within hours.

Srijita Mitra is a cheerful young woman with a strong desire to succeed in all areas of her life, including singing and fashion. Srijita Mitra pursues her dreams and works hard to achieve her goals. She has established herself as a successful social media influencer, a well-known Instagram creator, a hardworking and encouraging young woman who has a great impact on her fans and followers. She looks forward to flying high and reaching the heights of long-term success and happiness, by staying connected to her roots and pursuing them with dedication, engaging in creative practices and leading a healthy life.

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