Hunting and bowhunting instructors honored

MISSOULA – Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks honored the service of its volunteer hunter and bow hunter education instructors from West Central Montana (Region 2) this month in Missoula. Montana’s Hunter and Bowhunter Education Program is made possible by a group of dedicated volunteer instructors who collectively teach hundreds of courses each year. The state’s longest-serving instructor has been a volunteer for 65 years.

All service award recipients receive a plaque and special additional awards at defined service milestones. Many instructors with years of service ranging from 5 to 35 (please see list below) received awards at this year’s workshop in Missoula.

This year’s honorees were Jim Wyant and Thomas Wyant, Sr. of Anaconda, who received their 30-year bowhunting education award, and Mark Petroni of Anaconda with 35 years of service to bowhunting education and Deb Regan of Superior with 35 years of hunting education.

Several instructors also received special awards for their additional contributions as instructors. Randy Allen of Missoula received the Instructor of the Year award. Alberton’s Andy Knapp received the Charlie Whitfield Award for Excellence in Teaching Bowhunter Training and Dave Tweet received the Joe Rice Award for Excellence in Teaching Bowhunter Training the hunt.

FWP is grateful to have hundreds of qualified instructors across the state and is always in need of additional volunteers. For more information on becoming a Hunter, Bowhunter, or Trapper Education instructor, please contact Vivaca Crowser at 406-542-5518, or visit the website at for find out more and apply. To find hunting and bowhunting lessons near you, visit

2022 West-Central Montana Hunter and Bowhunter Education Award List

5 year old Hunter Ed

Kerrie Berger, Anaconda

Eric Clark, Lolo

Logan Fraley, Ronan

Pete Giese, Lake Seeley

Dean Johnson, Missoula

Marty Maddalena, Missoula

5 year old Bowhunter Ed

Kerrie Berger, Anaconda

Eric Clark, Lolo

Logan Fraley, Ronan

Marty Maddalena, Missoula

10 years old Hunter Ed

Christopher Davey, Missoula

Jill Wilson, Stevensville

10 years Bowhunter Ed

Merri Clapham, Stevensville

Jackie WeidowVictor

15 year old Hunter Ed

Darryl Graham, Lolo

15 year old Bowhunter Ed

David Simons, Jr., Florence

Zane Wyant, Anaconda

20 years Hunter Ed

Randy Allen, Missoula

Dolores Dunkerson Drummond

Michael Williams, Stevenville

25 years old Hunter Ed

Phil Mason, Ignatius

25 years Bowhunter Ed

Andy Knapp, Alberton

Pete Newman, Missoula

30 years Bowhunter Ed

Jim Wyant

Thomas Wyant, Sr.

35 years old Hunter Ed

Deb Regan, Superior

35 year old Bowhunter Ed

Mark Petroni, Anaconda

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