Hilaria Baldwin calls for an end to ‘cancellation culture and online mob attacks’ | Entertainment

Hilaria Baldwin has called for an end to ‘cancel culture’ and ‘online mob attacks’ amid fears vicious trolling could ‘drive people to suicide’.

The 38-year-old podcaster and author – who is expecting her seventh child with husband Alec Baldwin – urged her Instagram followers to be more considerate of others online and insisted they should try to mitigate media build-ups socials by reaching out with words of comfort instead of hate.

She said: “If you see someone being attacked by the online mob, or any kind of cancel culture, instead of parading, or worse, getting involved, contact them and just tell them that you support him as a human.

“You don’t have to agree with them 100%, you don’t even have to understand why they are attacking them.

“This idea of ​​nitpicking, having partial information and taking things out of context, or even when people completely disappoint you. It’s not up to us to judge everyone all the time.

“It is absolutely impossible to make absolutely everyone happy and to be in harmony with everyone. We are more divided than ever.

Hilaria – who was ridiculed online because of her Spanish origins in 2020 – went on to add that social media hate can have devastating consequences.

She added, “I can tell you that this kind of attack is mental torture.

“As human beings, we are not made for this. We drive each other crazy, we drive people where they want to kill themselves, where they lose their sanity.

“And that’s not fair. It’s not good. So reach out to them and just tell them you’re thinking of them to try to stabilize them.

Hilaria’s husband Alec has been at the center of vicious attacks online since he was involved in a fatal shooting on the set of his doomed film ‘Rust’ last year, which saw a gun he was holding offload, injuring director Joel Souza and killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

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