Helena College Gets Over $ 2 Million In Upgrades | Education

“I think it’s cool growing up in space and really responding to what the students want it to be,” Breitbart said.

Another space that has undergone major renovations is the campus library. The library is now divided into two parts, a more common area and a quieter study area next to the stacks of books, Bauman said. She attributed the redesigned library to Chief Librarian Della Dubbe.

“It was really her visions and she worked really hard for years to make it happen,” Bauman said.

Dubbe said she wanted different types of furniture to meet many different needs. The library now has everything from high tables to comfy reading chairs. She also wanted to combine the two service desks into one, and on the active side of the library there is now space for a classroom to use.

“These changes are great. They accommodate so many different types of studies,” Dubbe said. “It’s been my idea for at least six years.”

Classrooms have also transformed over the past summer into smart classrooms. Equipped with smart boards, cameras, monitors and more, spaces are now more accessible than ever and can easily facilitate distance learning.

“One thing we learned last year is that we have to be able to take some distance if necessary,” Bauman said. “(Lewis and Clark County Health Officer) Drenda Niemann told us the best thing to do was create an atmosphere where people don’t feel like they have to come to class if they’re sick. So we ran with that philosophy. . “

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