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Florida ranks 6th for COVID educational success

A study by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), a nonprofit, nonpartisan economic research group, ranked Florida as the 6th best performing state in terms of education during the coronavirus epidemic. COVID-19, receiving an ‘A’ grade and falling behind only Utah, Nebraska, Vermont, Montana and South Dakota. Florida had the second highest percentage of students participating in in-person instruction, at 96.2%. Arkansas, ranked No. 9 overall, had the highest percentage of the top 10 states, with 96.8% of students attending school in person. [Source: The Capitolist]

Florida Department of Education Pushes Apprenticeships

Continuing an effort by state leaders to strengthen education in Florida’s workforce, the state’s Department of Education is hosting a series of “learning accelerator” events through may. The events are intended to provide employers with information on what are called registered apprenticeship programs. [Source: News Service of Florida]

Florida Trend Exclusive

FSU alumnus Joshua Esnard landed $300,000 partnership deal with investor Shark Tank

Florida State University alumnus Joshua Esnard, inventor of the Cut Buddy, a hair and beard grooming device, recently struck a $300,000 investment partnership deal with Shark Tank investor Daymond John from ABC. The partnership includes a license agreement. The Cut Buddy will be sold at Walmart and Target. [Source: Florida Trend]

More Florida school districts are considering tax referendums to boost their budgets

These are the school district property tax referendums. Citing the need for money beyond what the state provides, several Florida districts are turning to voters for help. A week ago, the Pasco County School Board signaled plans to place a story about the November ballot. This week, the Martin County School Board unanimously asked to apply for its tax renewal in August. On Tuesday, the Hillsborough School Board went down the same path. [Source: Tampa Bay Times]

Eastern Florida State College to invest $87 million in aging Cocoa campus

Eastern Florida State College on Monday announced plans to inject $87 million into its Cocoa campus, which some residents have complained have long been neglected by the institution. The college was criticized by some community members who believed that the EFSC had left the campus languishing compared to the college’s other three campuses in the county. Cocoa is the college’s first campus. [Source: Florida Today]


› The FAMU Outdoor Club tackles disparities in outdoor spaces
FAMU Outdoor Club, founded by Adrian Wilson in 2021, is on a mission to make outdoor recreational experiences accessible to students. Wilson, a Northern Virginia native from a military family prone to frequent moves, credits his father for exposing him to different variations of outdoor adventures, such as high-altitude hiking in Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana and Washington. In Florida, it likes flat land and marine environments.

› The Wekiva High team aims to prepare good dishes for the judges of the NASA culinary competition
The last test before the big cooking competition came down to packaging. Could the Wekiva high school team pack most of the equipment needed to cook a three-course meal? Yes, they could, and on Monday, the three 11th graders, accompanied by their teacher and a chaperone, flew to Houston to compete in the finals of the NASA-sponsored student cooking competition. Each student took two suitcases, one filled with an assortment of bowls, cake pans, cutting boards, knives, measuring cups, blenders and sauté pans.

› Broward schools may retaliate after state punishes districts forcing masks
South Florida schools may be ready for another fight with the state over masks. No, there are no plans to bring back mandates that students wear face coverings on campus, but at least one school district — Broward County — is discussing a legal challenge to a funding decision from the state tied to mask mandates. South Florida’s three school districts — Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade — could lose more than $100 million combined, money that goes directly to schools for employee bonuses.

› Pasco School employees demand raises, not one-time supplements
Pasco County School District teachers and support workers want raises. During contract talks Monday, employee representatives at the United School of Pasco made it clear that the district’s offer of 4% one-time supplements did not meet their needs. Instead, they asked to move the money around so that the supplements were smaller and the salary increases, which would continue for years to come, added to the mix.

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