Elon Musk plans to create a new social media platform | Entertainment

Elon Musk is “seriously thinking” about creating a new social media platform, where “freedom of expression” is the priority.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO conducted a poll on Twitter, ostensibly to probe his concept.

He said: “Free speech is essential to the functioning of a democracy. Do you believe that Twitter strictly adheres to this principle?”

In response, 70.4% of Twitter’s more than two million users voted “no”.

The poll prompted Twitter user Pranay Pathole to ask Musk, “Would you consider starting a new social media platform,


“One that would consist of an open-source algorithm, one where free speech and respect for free speech is a priority, one where propaganda is very minimal. I think that kind of platform is needed.”

To which, he replied, “I am seriously considering this.”

On top of that, the billionaire businessman asked his 79.2 million followers: “Given that Twitter serves as a de facto public square, failure to uphold the principles of free speech fundamentally undermines the democracy. What should be done?”

Many had asked Musk to buy the microblogging app founded by Jack Dorsey and currently run by Parag Agrawal.

The 50-year-old mogul is known for his outspoken comments on the site, and in January he joked that he “never” posts anything “controversial” on Twitter.

Musk – who has even faced legal action from investors for his scathing comments in the past – created his own meme from Twitter’s homepage.

In an apparent jibe, next to the Twitter logo, a message warned: “Get fired from your job in 5-10 years. Join Twitter today.”

Next to the search bar, it was written: “Say what you want”.

Next to the icon to grow your network, Musk added, “Wait 5-10 years.”

And next to the response box, he added: “Surprise. You are fired.”

Musk also tweeted alongside, “Good thing I never tweet anything controversial.”

It comes after Musk was sued after agreeing to sell Tesla shares following a Twitter poll.

Should he decide to launch his own app, Musk would be following in the footsteps of former President Donald Trump, who launched Truth Social in October.

The platform promises to provide a venue for “an open, free and honest global conversation without discrimination against political ideology”.

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