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Defying Ukraine’s request, two US senators share photos of Zelensky on social media during zoom call, World News

In an effort to ask for help, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky attended a zoom call with US lawmakers on Saturday.

To ensure the president’s complete safety, the Ukrainian ambassador reportedly urged lawmakers not to share anything on social media during the meeting. This was done to ensure Zelensky’s exact location would not be revealed.

But what happened was quite the opposite. Just 15 minutes from the meeting, Republican Senators Marco Rubio and Steve Daines shared the screenshot of the call on social media, showing Zelensky live. He could be seen in his army green shirt in front of a white wall with the Ukrainian flag.

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Right now, Zelensky is Russia’s number one target. 1. Many eyes seek him. It is therefore essential to take the utmost precautions when trying to gain support to repel the Russian invasion.



When he joined the appeal, Zelensky told lawmakers it might be the last they would see him alive.

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These senators were criticized by Democratic Representative Dean Phillips. He said their ignorance was appalling and reckless.

“The Ambassador of Ukraine very intentionally asked each of us on zoom NOT to share anything on social media during the meeting to protect President Zelensky,” Dean Phillips tweeted.

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