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On April 13, Brian Holsinger, one of the Oregon State women’s basketball assistant coaches, was named the next head coach of the Montana Grizzlies women’s basketball team.

“It’s a place where basketball matters, just like Corvallis and Oregon State,” Holsinger said.

Holsinger spent 13 seasons coaching in the PAC-12 between his five years in Oregon State and his eight seasons in Washington State. This will be his first head coaching position since 2007, in which he coached Montana Tech in the NAIA for two seasons.

His new contract with the University of Montana is set for four seasons until 2025.

Being hired as a head coach for such a historic and recognized team as the Grizzlies was the goal Holsinger had in mind from the day he started coaching basketball. The Grizzlies women’s basketball team has an all-time 897-334 since 1974, several Big Sky Championships and has made numerous appearances on March Madness.

“It means everything to me. You practice basketball to run your own program someday.

Throughout his time in the state of Oregon, Holsinger helped the Beavers succeed. This included one appearance in the March Madness tournament in each of the five seasons, three Sweet 16 appearances, three PAC-12 titles, and the only Final Four on the program in 2016.

Holsinger not only helped out on the pitch, he was also an influence in the recruiting process. In 2020, the Beavers placed eighth in the nation’s recruiting class, with Talia Von Oelhoffen and Greta Kampschroeder being two of the most notable new freshmen.

In 2018, Holsinger helped the State of Oregon make it to one of the program’s most successful and historic playoffs.

“One of my favorite moments was Marie Gulich’s last year. She was the oldest and the leader, ”Holsinger said. “That same season we went to Tennessee, which had a 57-game winning streak at home, and we won at home to win a trip to Sweet 16. You break a streak like that and it’s so historic and really. standing up to me.

Holsinger succeeds Mike Petrino in Montana, who was interim head coach of the Grizzles. The previous season, the Grizzlies’ women’s basketball program ended the season with a 12-11 record and a first-round loss in the Big Sky tournament.

Holsinger seeks to have an immediate impact by cultivating a strong basketball culture surrounded by the right people in the program. Much like Beavers basketball head coach Scott Rueck did.

“Scott has created a culture in the state of Oregon that the community can move around and be proud of. We have developed a culture that kids just want to be a part of and I would love to create the same in Montana, ”Holsinger said. “The most important thing is that I am here to make an impact on the children.”

Currently, Holsinger is laying the groundwork to bring his new team together and form the roster. His only goal in mind is to bring Montana back to a winning culture and bring the community of Missoula behind the team.

“My ultimate goal is to win, get this Big Sky Championship and bring the Montana program back to where it was before.”

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