Brett McMurphy tests media theory that Urban Meyer will return to college

Everyone seems to think Urban Meyer could pick up where he left off in the varsity game, but the Action Network’s Brett McMurphy decided to put that to the test this week.

McMurphy interviewed 65 athletic directors at FBS schools to see how willing they would be to hire Meyer. The dominant feeling is that Meyer could ignite in the NFL and still get a top job like, say, USC, which is looking for a new head coach.

* Cue the voice of Lee Corso

Not so fast my friend.

Of the 65 ADs McMurphy spoke to, only 27% said they would even consider hiring Meyer, let alone offer him a contract. Diving deeper into the numbers, only 15% of the Power Five ADs said they would consider Meyer.

“No way,” a Power Five AD told McMurphy. “Not in a million years.”

Sports analysts criticize Meyer for another error in judgment, an issue that followed him throughout his coaching career.

A camera caught Meyer dancing with a girl at an Ohio bar last weekend. Then reports surfaced that he stayed in Buckeye State and did not return to Jacksonville on the team’s plane after the Jaguars’ loss to the Bengals last Thursday. It’s unheard of for an NFL head coach not to return with the team, especially after a loss that sent Meyer’s team 0-4 this season.

“While [university] presidents and athletic directors want people of high character, fans only care about winning, ”said a group of five AD who would hire Meyer. “They will neglect all kinds of indiscretions for the winners. Losers, on the other hand, can be sacked for carrying out a stop sign. “

A Power Five AD countered this logic: “Are you shitting me? He has a mental problem. How does a guy who earns $ 10 million a year go to a bar and put his hand in a woman’s crotch? “

For the full answer to McMurphy’s AD poll on the issue, Click here.

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