Retired Loans: What They Are, Simulation, who can Access and how to Request them

The consumer credit offer of the last few years has seen an exponential growth also due to the particularly advantageous rates currently offered by the market. There are categories of people, such as the pensioners , who benefit from a series of subsidies for their requests for funding, being able to count on a rather wide range of coverage offered by the pension institution and accessing, thanks to these, to a multitude of banking products and services that can be used to create small dreams or large projects with the possibility of delaying start-up and business costs thanks to a subsidized loan.

In this guide we will find out together what are the types of personal loans that can be requested through and which are the ways in which you can access the credit. Let’s start!

Loans and facilities offered

The offer of loans and benefits that are reserved for retirees of this social security institution are different and are perfectly suited to multiple needs. There are basically two types: direct loans and indirect loans . The direct loan is paid directly by the pension institution to the member and is generally used to settle credit requests that are of limited amount or any long-term credit lines. The indirect ones, on the other hand, are loans granted through a specific agreement stipulated with credit institutions in Italy, which in this case are one of the main actors in the loan application: the lender who lends the money and agrees to receive it at predetermined deadlines.

Small loan management of public employees

The loan in question is aimed at employees and public pensioners enrolled in a specific Unitary Management called the Credit Facility that grants small loans to be settled in constant installments and by means of direct deduction from the pension or even on the salary, if the employee is still in service.

Loan for Magistral Management

The Magistral Management is a specific fund to which a number of workers registered with have access and allows the applicant to obtain from the pension institution an advance of two maximum monthly salary or pension payments, to be repaid in convenient monthly installments. There is also a specific management that refers to the employees and retirees who have served in the Poste Italiane group, which allows the repayment of the credit installments from one year to four years in duration.

Multi-year loans

The multi-year loans are aimed at public employees and pensioners who allow the ignition of a loan of a larger amount but in any case repayable in sustainable installments, considering that the duration can be extended even a lot with respect to loans. Small Credit of a more modest amount . This type of loan is characterized by being at least ten years, up to 15 years maximum. The ratio installment – income identified for the successful completion of the operation must not exceed the maximum limit of 33%.

Assignment of the fifth of the pension

The loan for pensioners par excellence is the so-called “Assignment of the Fifth” , through which the pensioner can request a loan of considerable amount, if in possession of all the age and income requirements, and repay it in comfortable installments by means of a deduction on the coupon. of his pension. To access this type of financing it is essential to contact a credit institution, as it is a product specifically designed on the basis of certain agreements and on which a wider range of checks insist. A fundamental characteristic of this product is that the installment can not in any case exceed the equivalent of one fifth of the net salary received by the applicant.

How to apply for funding

Access to the credit guaranteed requires from the public employee or pensioner that at least four years of contributions to the pension institution have been paid. Fixed-term employees may access some of the proposed types of financing but the residual duration of the contract, which must not be less than three years and, in any case, less than the total duration of the loan, constitutes an impervable rule. The duration of direct loans is normally rather short, in the order of two years; in the case of multi-year loans, however, the loan can be repaid even in 15 years. Depending on the type of loan you need to request you can opt for the solutions offered on the portal and fill out the forms that are made available on the portal or by going to an accredited intermediary, asking him to proceed with the request for credit in agreement.

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