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Being able to choose among the many loans currently on the market , the one that best suits your needs is very important.

Being able to choose among the many loans currently on the market , the one that best suits your needs is very important.

It is, in fact, a delicate operation that will affect your lifestyle for several years from the moment you decide to complete it. This is why comparing the quotes of various financing with each other will help you find the most convenient one of the moment . And to do it, you do not even need to leave the house or submit to exhausting files at the banks. Thanks to online quotes comparators you can comfortably sit at your desk.

Once you have identified the most advantageous and convenient solution for you , you can even make the request directly online, free and fast with the possibility of obtaining the result in a very short time. The first thing you need to consider however is the purpose for which you apply for the loan. You may find yourself in the need to buy a car , to renovate or furnish your home , to consolidate previous debts or, simply, liquidity to face everyday life . Always consider two basic parameters, the TAN and the APR. The TAN is the Nominal Annual Rate, or the interest rate for a whole calendar year. But it is above all the second, the Global Effective Annual Rate, to influence the convenience of a loan.

It is important since it contains all the costs of financing. Do not forget the costs related to insurance on the loan that, although optional, almost always accompanies the loans and has a cost that is normally proportional to the amount of the loan but that can also affect heavily the final cost of the loan . Without this very premise, we see what are the most convenient loans of the moment referred to the purchase of a new car, the renovation of the house and simply to the request for liquidity.

The best loans of the moment for the liquidity request

What if I needed cash and wanted to apply for a loan? No fear, even in this case you just have to compare some active loans at the moment to find the ideal one. The online comparators, currently, indicate two of the best in the industry that have virtually the same characteristics. In both cases you could get € 10,000 to be repaid in 84 months with TAN at 5.18% and APR at 7.13% for a monthly payment of € 149.30.

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